Rolling Shapes. C4D xpresso! DOWNLODABLE


This project started thanks to this video I tried my best to replicate the rolling effect. (you can download the source file and look how was done!!!)
It was very interesting to take a look at ICE and see how powerfull it is. Seems to me much more powerful than xpresso, infact i couldnt replicate a couple of nodes of his setup!
So to make my rig work i had to use NaturalRolling, a great xpresso node done by Westy

This rig is still a work in progress and i will make it more user friendly over time (right now is pretty messy sry).

I have 3 goals for this rig (any help is very well accepted):
1 get rid of NaturalRolling and make it all with xpresso tools
2 make it more user friendly
3 find a reliable way to make deforming shapes roll on deforming surfaces (i currently have heavy sliding problems)

Thanks a lot to Torben Dirksmeyer who helped me a lot understand the softimage file!

This file is just working until c4d r19

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Solelh Video

Runtime: 1h26min

Solelh (m. occitan) = sun

Solelh is a rollerblading film about the sun and Montpellier. It documents more than two years of skating the streets of our beautiful and sunny region in the South of France. More than a sport or a lifestyle rollerblading the streets is a true passion bonding several humans together in a rather healthy and fulfilling way. Really hope you will enjoy this transcription as much as we had doing it.
And remember, as long as there are people living the passion, rollerblading aint dead!

Solelh est un film de patins à roulettes en ligne, sous le soleil de Montpellier™. La vidéo documente plus de deux ans de roller dans les rues de notre belle région ensoleillée du Sud de la France. Bien plus qu’un sport ou un style de vie, patiner dans la rue est une véritable passion regroupant plusieurs humains autour d’une activité plutôt saine et épanouissante. J’espère que vous apprécierez autant cette retranscription que nous avons eu à la mettre en oeuvre.
Et surtout rappelez vous, tant qu’il y a des gens qui vivent cette passion, le roller est loin d’être mort et enterré.

A film by Hadrien Bastouil

Check pictures:

Rone – Motion i (feat. Les Siècles, François-Xavier Roth & Vanessa Wagner)
Mokado – Sahar

Thomas Riffaud
The Invisible – K-Town Sunset (feat. Connan Mockasin)
New order – Sunrise

Gildas Augereau / Julien Joubert / Joel Barthès / David Aubert / Khalid Ajaï
Roy Ayers – Humming in the Sun
Black Monk – Humming in the Sun

Dimitri Dalais / Hugo Ruckly
The Velvet Underground – Ride Into the Sun
Lou Reed – Ride Into the Sun

Bob Lemarrant / Pierre Doriez
Harrison Stafford & The Professor Crew – Jah Shine

All the homies
Georges Guétary – La Bohème
AFI – God Called In Sick Today
Charles Aznavour – La Bohème (Achraf Kallel Remix)
Charles Aznavour – La Bohème (Boubou Remix)
Skit: Yello – Oh Yeah

Ptilouis ATM / Baptiste Urbain
Die Antwoord – Street Light

Nicolas Piccarreta / Maxim Iangaev / Sami Angsthelm
Fliptrix – See the Sun

Charly Gringos
Atmosphere – Sunshine

Willams Cerlo
Oddisee – Born Before Yesterday
RZA – Sunshower

Lyss Cerlo
Catching Flies – Sunrays

Hadrien Bastouil
Billy Thorpe – Children of the Sun
La Femme – Always in the Sun
DARKSIDE – Freak, Go Home
mixed with DARKSIDE – Freak, Go Home (Maida Vale Session)

Sunset section
Phoenix – Love Like a Sunset, Part ii

Night section
Set & Match – MTP Bop a Lula
Audio Bullies – We Don’t Care
Kendrick Lamar – Swimming Pools (Drank)
Rone – Motion iii (feat. Les Siècles, François-Xavier Roth & Vanessa Wagner)
Katy Perry – Firework
Mr. Oizo – Positif
Kanye West – Monster (Ft. Nicki Minaj, Rick Ross, Jay-Z, Bon Iver)

ed: sorry the color grading might be a little off but my laptop has been showing lots of signs of weakness in the last weeks of editing.
ndlr: désolé si la colorimétrie manque un peu d’harmonie mais mon ordinateur portable a vraiment montré des signes de faiblesses au cours des dernières semaines de montage.

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