Ryobi 3302 Gripper Finger Transfer Drum 5340-36-550 Ryobi Parts Offset Printing

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Ryobi 3302 Gripper Finger Transfer Drum 5340-36-550 Ryobi Parts Offset Printing


Auto Blanket Wash Rolls Heidelberg 102 12/box Heavy Duty Offset Printing Supply

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Auto Blanket Wash Rolls Heidelberg 102 12/box Heavy Duty Offset Printing Supply


Blanket For Heidelberg SM52 SpeedMaster 52 offset Printing bindery supplies 1QTY

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Blanket For Heidelberg SM52 SpeedMaster 52 offset Printing bindery supplies 1QTY


Cloth Washable Reusable – Adjustable Dust Unisex Adult for Women Men – 3 PCS

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Color Options: Pick between one of our multiple colors – printing ,black, blue, green, grey, navy blue, pink and black grey etc.printed disposable face mask features a triple layer of cotton to protect yourself and your lover
Easy to Maintain: The cute cloth face mask is made with 100% cotton. So you can hand-wash and wear the same cotton cloth face mask for many times. It make you to save money, as well as protect the environment
Exclusive Designs: If you found the designs in pictures colorful and beautiful, you will love it once you get them, enjoy our new bright patterns made it with the most advanced inks and digital printed technique that hold up the colors after washed
Optimal Solution: These washable face mask for women can cover the entire area of the mouth and nose for more protection. They come in a standard medium size that fits men and women alike. Multiple colors to choose from and easy to integrate in any outfit


#doctors20 Paris, Patient Travel Sponsorship for Vanessa Carter – #HCSMSA – Healthcare Social Media South Africa

Crowdfunding & Sponsorship needed for #ePatient, Vanessa Carter, (#HCSMSA – SOUTH AFRICA) for travel to the #doctors20 Paris congress in June 2014.




What is #HCSMSA
#HCSMSA represents Health Care Social Media South Africa. It is a non-funded project which hopes to be a means to advance healthcare in South Africa by providing a platform to curate information as well as collaborate and discuss health issues. Social Media is currently being used on international level to discuss health care topics by not only doctors and patients, but also by scientists, medical students, journalists and the like.

Because of the advancement in medical technology, such as bio-printing, 3d-printing, robotics, googleglass etc. twitter in particular acts as the preferred platform for discussion and indexing in real-time, as opposed to most search engines, which can take several weeks to list an update.
South Africa are in desperate need of turning their health care system around, especially with the rest of the world advancing at the rate that It is.

Overview of the South African Health system
In South Africa, parallel private health and public systems exist. The public system serves the vast majority of the population, but is chronically underfunded and understaffed.
The current government is working to establish a national health insurance (NHI) system out of concerns for discrepancies within the national health care system, such as unequal access to healthcare amongst different socio-economic groups.

Who is Vanessa Carter?
Vanessa Carter is a facial difference #ePatient advocate as well as the founder of #HCSMSA on Twitter- (Health Care Social Media South Africa)
She has been invited as an #ePatient guest to attend the #doctors20 congress in Paris, 5-6 June 2014, but she needs to raise travel funds in excess of $3000 (R30 000)

She had a facial reconstruction over a 9 year period in Johannesburg. She also established a advertising business in 1997, Artext which specialises in graphic design, website design, SEO and social media. The significance of attending this congress is that she will get a special look at the impact of the latest global technologies on the relation between physicians and patients, the use of social media & web 2.0 in healthcare which will be highly beneficial to the #HCSMSA tweetchats and South African health.

What is Doctors 2.0™ & You?
The fourth edition of the must-attend annual healthcare social media conference will take place in Paris; the only international congress devoted to the understanding of how physicians use New Technologies, Web 2.0 tools, Social Media to communicate with other health care professionals, patients, payers, pharmaceutical companies, public agencies

Visit the website at to learn more or follow @doctors20 on Twitter. (#doctors20)

WHY Social media in Health Care?
Social media, in particular Twitter, is being used in healthcare for a number of valuable reasons. One of the first is because of the growth in medical technology and because of the capability it offers to collaborate and network on a global level as well as share live developments.

Mobile health #mHealth is now growing in Africa because of the issues in terms of access to public health especially for those in rural areas. Social media is a wonderful way in which to promote further advancement in this area.

How has medical technology progressed globally?
Medical technology has advanced at massive rates globally.
Emerging technology includes:

•3D Printing
•Bio-printing – Printing of human cells & organs
•Social Media in Health
•Robotic surgery
•Online patient communities
•Mobile medical applications & #mHealth

Take a look at these videos to learn more:

Medical Technology

Please help me raise funds to travel and attend the #doctors20 congress in Paris, before 16 May 2014, so that I can learn whatever I can about medical technology and the use of web 2.0 and social media in healthcare to help advance health to make it more accessible to patients in South Africa.

Connect with Vanessa Carter:
VANESSA CARTER – FaceSA Project – @_faceSA

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