Rolling Shapes. C4D xpresso! DOWNLODABLE


This project started thanks to this video I tried my best to replicate the rolling effect. (you can download the source file and look how was done!!!)
It was very interesting to take a look at ICE and see how powerfull it is. Seems to me much more powerful than xpresso, infact i couldnt replicate a couple of nodes of his setup!
So to make my rig work i had to use NaturalRolling, a great xpresso node done by Westy

This rig is still a work in progress and i will make it more user friendly over time (right now is pretty messy sry).

I have 3 goals for this rig (any help is very well accepted):
1 get rid of NaturalRolling and make it all with xpresso tools
2 make it more user friendly
3 find a reliable way to make deforming shapes roll on deforming surfaces (i currently have heavy sliding problems)

Thanks a lot to Torben Dirksmeyer who helped me a lot understand the softimage file!

This file is just working until c4d r19

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