Marta Malé-Alemany – 2013 – UMTS Seminar 02 What does it mean to make an experiment?

Marta Malé-Alemany in the frame of the UMTS Seminar 02 – What does it mean to make an experiment?
Friday 3. May 2013
KADK – Danneskiold-Samsøes Allé 53, 1434 Copenhagen

Seminar Aim:
Within the UMTS project “What does it mean to make an experiment?” seminars deepen the understanding of the theory, motivation and nature of experiments. Directed towards the group of UMTS researchers as the schools public context and methods of an experimental practice are put into perspective through cross examination of examples from within the field of design and architecture as well as other design and sciences related disciplines. The seminars support the discussion and further development of a material based experimental practice in architecture and design. The seminars serve as well the cross-fertilization and examination of the activities within the three PostDoc experiments of the UMTS project.

Marta Malé-Alemany:

MARTA MALÉ-ALEMANY has been the Acting Director of the Institute for Advanced Architecture of Catalonia (IAAC) in Barcelona, after co-directing its Master Program for 6 years, founding and leading the ‘Digital Tectonics’ Research Line, and creating IAAC’s first Digital Fabrication Lab. Marta Malé-Alemany has taught experimental design studios and research seminars in several Universities in the US (MIT, U.PENN, UCLA, SCI-ARC, and others) and has been a Course Master Tutor in the Design Research Laboratory (DRL) at the AA (Architectural Association) in London.

Marta Malé-Alemany graduated from ETSAVUPC (Barcelona, 96), holds a Master Degree in Advanced Architectural Design from Columbia University (New York, 97) and is currently a PhD candidate at the ETSAB-UPC (Barcelona), investigating the potential of large-sale rapid manufacturing technologies to innovate building construction. Currently her teaching focuses on the development of innovative material & construction solutions, using customized robotic devices or hacking existing digital fabrication equipment (CNC mills, industrial robots or other).
In her professional practice, Marta Malé-Alemany utilizes her expertise on 4 levels: as an exhibition curator she has given shape to exhibitions about digital design & fabrication technologies related subjects, like the show ‘FULL PRINTED: 3D Printing Objects’ or ‘FABBOTS: Design & Fabrication with Customized Robotic Devices’, shown at the DHUB Design Museum in Barcelona and other venues. As an international design juror, Marta Malé-Alemany has reviewed competitions like the HOLCIM Awards for Sustainable Construction, the Catalan Pavilion for the Venice Biennale, and a long list of Design Studio courses in European and American Schools of Architecture. Her work as an independent designer in her own architectural practice, has been recognized with the FEIDAD Digital Architecture Award, a NEOTEC Grant for technological entrepreneurship, and a wide range of publications that illustrate how her work explores the conceptual and material opportunities that emerge from testing novel digital methods for the production of architecture. As a consultant she has collaborated with international practices like Morphosis (Los Angeles), SMAQ (Berlin), Ábalos & Herreros (Madrid), Torres & Lapeña (Barcelona), Guallart Architects (Barcelona) and others. In that position, she has facilitated the analysis of conceptual ideas, the development of associative and parametric design proposals, and the application of digital technologies for the materialization of non-standard objects, building components and architectural structures.

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